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MEDLINE Complete - for All
MEDLINE Complete is the leading full-text database of biomedical and health journals. It is the largest companion to the MEDLINE index, providing full text for thousands of top medical journals with cover-to-cover indexing. Content Includes: 1,200 active full-text, non-open access journals 560 active full-text, non-open access journals not found in MEDLINE with Full Text 760 active full-text, non-open access journals not found in any version of Academic Search, Health Source or Biomedical Reference Collection 5,200 journals indexed with searchable cited reference
DynaMed - for Physicians, Residents, Nurses & AH
The next-generation clinical reference tool for physician’s easy access to point-of-care decision support with high impact on patient care and hospital performance.
UpToDate - for Physicians, Residents, Nurses & AH
An evidence based, peer reviewed point of care information resource with high impact on patient care and hospital performance.
The Cochrane Library - for all Researchers
The Cochrane Library is a collection of six systematic review databases that contain different types of high quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. Cochrane Clinical Answers (CCAs), based on the results of Cochrane systematic reviews, provide instant access to high-quality decision-making evidence.
Monkeypox article collection for: All.
To support the exceptional efforts from the global health professionals and scientific research communities, Taylor & Francis has curated a special collection of 150 monkeypox related research articles during 2022.
JAMA + 9 Jama Specialty Journals for: All.
JAMA Network is a consortium of 12 peer-reviewed journal general medical and specialty publications comprising of JAMA, the journal of American Medical Association + JAMA Network Open + 10 JAMA specialty journals which provides the insights to medical research and practice.
THE LANCET + 15 Lancet Specialty Journals for: All.
The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal founded in 1823. It is among the world's oldest and best-known general medical journals. Also access 15 monthly Lancet Speciality journals.
NEJM - The New England Journal of Medicine for: All.
The New England Journal of Medicine is a weekly medical journal published by the Massachusetts Medical Society. Published continuously for over 200 years, NEJM delivers high-quality, peer-reviewed research and interactive clinical content.
BoardVitals: Question Bank for: Residents, Physicians & Nurses.
For: All Physicians, Residents, Nurses & Dentists To Log In to BoardVitas: 1. Click Register on the top right hand corner of BoardVitals page and complete the registration. 2. Login with your created credentials. Note: Only registering with Seha email as your user ID will give access to the content. Personal emails will be registered but will not give access to the content. BoardVitals is the largest and most used question bank for In-Service exams, Board Exams and Shelf Exams. Seha Residents will benefit by this question bank of 20,000 Q&As and explanations targeted to over 20 medical and other healthcare specialties.
McGraw Hill - AccessMedicine for: Residents & Physicians
For: All Residents & Physicians AccessMedicine is a comprehensive online collection of 130 key medical reference textbooks that provide comprehensive test prep, self assessment, 860 examination & procedural videos, case studies, 100+ new Audio & Podclasses, 30,000 downloadable multimedia, and more.
ClinicalKey for: Physicians & Residents.
For: All Physicians & Residents ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine for physicians, with full-text access to over 800 Elsevier's journals, 1,200 books, 4,000 medical and procedural videos and clinical practice guidelines.
Micromedex for: Pharmacists, Physicians, Residents & others.
For: All Pharmacists, Physicians, Residents & Nurses Micromedex is a collection of many different drug databases offering comprehensive drug, disease and toxicology oriented information for health care professionals.
Fast Facts for: All.
• Premium content to improve medical practice • Over 100 topics covered from diabetes to rare diseases • 20+ new titles added each year • Authored by international key opinion leaders • Fully referenced and available in multiple digital formats • Free test yourself FastTest quizzes with certifications • Lots of Free Courses
Springer’s Artificial Intelligence Books for: All
Access is available to 6912 books on AI. To browse books in the field of Artificial Intelligence in MEDICINE do a search by typing "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE" in the search box below SpringerLink. Free access is available for 6912 books on AI. If you want to browse books in the field of Artificial Intelligence in MEDICINE, then do a search by typing "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICINE" in the search box below SpringerLink.
Journals from Amedeo for: All
Over 4,000Medical Journals from Amedeo with full-text access
Journals from Omics International for: All
OMICS International makes healthcare and scientific information available immediately. Publishes over 700 scientific and healthcare journals and 50,000 scientific research articles in clinical, medical, life sciences, and other disciplines annually.
Lippincott Professional Development Collection for: Nurses & AH.
Lippincott Professional Development Collection is an online, evidence-based, clinical education and competency validation solution offering continuing education that includes over 370 online courses including a series of courses that are co-developed with Joint Commission Resources (JCR).
Lippincott Advisor Lippincott Nursing Advisor for: Nurses & AH.
Access by login-in or by continuing without login-in. Lippincott Nursing Advisor is a point-of-care resource for nurses at the fingertips to help better manage workload, facilitate delivery of care, and make care decisions that consider evidence and current practice.
Lippincott Procedures Lippincott Nursing Procedures for: Nurses & AH.
Access by login-in or by continuing without login-in. Lippincott Nursing Procedures is an online nursing resource for instant, evidence-based procedure guidance at the point of care. With almost 2,000 procedures and skills from a wide variety of nursing specialties including allied health, it combines the most trusted clinical content with powerful online workflow functionality to save time, standardize care and deliver improved patient outcomes.
The Relias Learning Management System has more than 1300 unique and engaging customized training courses based on the best of adult learning principles.To begin utilizing the online courses, email registration request to o-tqasim@seha.ae.
Nursing Reference Center Plus for: All Nurses.
NRC+ offers a comprehensive collection of evidence-based content allowing nurses to fully understand the scope of potential patient presentations, outcomes, and complications enabling them to provide the highest level of care possible.
CINAHL Complete for: All Nurses.
CINAHL Complete provides full-text access to top journals, evidence-based care sheets, quick lessons for 50 nursing specialties, speech and language pathology, nutrition, general health and other more specialties. It is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Accreditation Program and is further accredited by International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source for: Dentists
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source from EBSCO Information Services provides indexing and full-text access to an extensive selection of dental journal literature, as well some full-text dental monographs. The database aims to support practitioners, researchers, and advanced dental education. Covering top-ranked titles in this discipline, the database includes full-text, indexing and abstracting for hundreds of journals, books, monographs, magazines and trade periodicals. It also offers searchable cited references, linking to the complete text of many of the original works.
Patient Education Reference Center for: All.
This resource provides patient information handouts that can be customized, printed and given to a patient at the point of care. Patient Education Reference Center (PERC) handouts are easy to read, include medical illustrations and are available in multiple languages including Arabic.